In order to allow the athlete to reach his or her full potential your long term athletic development program must be securely grounded in a training philosophy. This philosophy will be the guiding light in development throughout many years.



For athletes beginning their athletic career make sure that in the beginning they master the basics of movement, coordination, agility, and balance. This is a long term process so make sure to “slow cook” the process and not rush it. Above all the pure enjoyment of athletics should be present at young ages. As they progress in to later years, and the hard training begins, you want them to still have that enjoyment and joy of training.


To give the athlete the best chance of proper adaptations as they mature, make sure the cardiac system is developed in the proper manner (to learn how to achieve this click here). This will set the foundation for the later years.


The journey to athletic achievement is a long one. Make sure to teach the athlete how to enjoy the process and become internally motivated.