The PTC Philosophy




Performance Training Center focuses on optimizing each athlete’s individual results. We use the Omegawave system to create an individual fitness profile for each athlete. With this data as our reference point, our mission is to produce the highest possible performance in each athlete while reducing the risk of injury. At Performance Training Center our programs are comprehensive and draw from multiple points of reference such as sports science, nutrition, proper exercise programming, technology, and psychology. By using science to dictate training, our mission is to get results. Period.


  • Injury Prevention
  • Optimize Neuro-Muscular Performance
  • Optimize Cardiovascular Performance
  • Improve physical preparedness and readiness.
  • Promote overall good health.


The goal of performance training is to help the athlete achieve and execute their skills at the highest level. We train to increase the athlete’s biological power. Which means the ability of the body to generate energy and to maintain this at a high level without fatigue. Doing so allows the athlete to play their best throughout the game.


Through Performance Training Center’s comprehensive approach to training, we ensure that athletes achieve better results while avoiding injury and prolonging their career. Throughout our program we educate athletes on how to train safely and efficiently so that they can stay in the game and perform their best. Parents and coaches can benefit from knowing that their athlete is better protected from the dangers of traditional training.

Train To Perform

triangle-diagramSport training is just that, training for sport. When an athlete trains for the sake of training, performance falls. Period. Instead an athlete should look at training as a means to an end, rather than the end itself.

Having a proper base for high inensity competition and training is also vital. The bigger the base, the higher the potential for performance. With a small base, the potential for performance is automatically limited, regardless of the countless hours spent squatting or benching.

At PTC, we believe that training the right way makes training fun. You won’t hear screaming coaches or angry rants, rather laughter and jokes. As one of our mottos goes, “Hard work is accepted by all, everyone contributes, no one complains.”

Readiness vs. Preparedness

We all know that an athlete does not catch every pass or pitch a no hitter in every game. Throughout the course of competition fatigue sets in and performance declines. What you may not know however, is that recent scientific breakthroughs in training have proven that fatigue can be delayed. At PTC we have been using these methods for 8 years with runaway success.

Readiness: Readiness is completely physiological. The athlete can only perform if the body they are playing in is in top condition. Optimum readiness means a state of complete rest and recovery for all of the athlete’s biological systems. It also means the body can handle all of the work the athlete is doing during competition, without fatigue.

Preparedness: Preparation is also referred to as talent, ability, or skill in an athlete’s chosen sport. For example, an NFL quarterback has a higher level of skill than a high school quarterback. The NFL quarterback thus has a higher level of preparedness.



RED ARROW – The greater the discrepancy between preparation and readiness, the greater the loss in performance.

A & B – Optimal Performance is achieved when peak readiness meets peak preparation.

The fact of the matter is, a weight room doesn’t automatically up your passer rating or your percentage at bat. Throwing passes and hitting are going to help those things. Improving your skill is what is referred to as preparation. Whatever your level of preparation, good health and fitness will also affect your performance. Things like you’re health and fitness, as well as how your body reacts to intense competition and training are referred to as readiness. The weight room has everything to do with readiness. Training the right way, at the right times will get you optimally ready, so that on game day, you are 100 % ready to throw down.