Performance Training



Performance Training Center offers Individual, team, and small group training. Your training program will be individualized to fit your goals and biological strengths and weaknesses. Performance Training Center is the only professional facility in Oregon who utilizes the Omegawave system, a non-invasive computer software program which in as little as two minutes gives us a snapshot into how your biological systems are adapting to stress and how to proceed within the training and recovery process to maximize your results. With this system and specific training based on the individual, Performance Training Center is able to allow the athlete to reach his or her full athletic potential.

Are you a coach who wants to maximize your teams’ on field performance? Want to reduce injuries and down time of your key athletes? Let Performance Training Center set up a customized program that will allow your team to reach its full potential.

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Don’t live in the Portland area? No problem, as we offer online training programs as well.