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Navy Athlete Updated Test Scores and Hill Circuits

So yesterday the one athlete who is preparing to enter the Navy later next year (and whose training I am featuring on my blog) re-tested 3 physical tests push-ups in 2 minutes, sit-ups in 2 minutes, and pull ups. Push-ups: Previous best was 90 reps and today he completed 100 reps in 2 minutes. This ...
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Real World Results: High School Catcher Tucker Hamilton 4 Week Results

This past week was the end of a current 4 week training block one of our high school athletes Tucker Hamilton just completed. First I will post his HRV test from 4 weeks ago prior to beginning this new training cycle. Tucker was showing a high level of readiness and his systems were optimally ready ...
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Do High School Athletic Programs Allow Athletes the Opportunity to Reach Their Full Potential

Dr. James R. Andrews related in the New York Times that he:"Now sees four times as many overuse injuries in youth sports as he did just five years ago and that more children today are having to undergo surgery for chronic sports injuries." I have witnessed first ...
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Part #3 When Less is More; The Matt Hauck Story

In the fall of 2003 I met my first athlete I would train in my private facility, Matt Hauck. Matt was an extremely dedicated and talented football/track athlete and wanted to continue playing in college but had no scholarship offers. Matt had a "no quit" attitude and regardless of the lack of offers ...
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When Less is more part 2 athlete feature Owen Marecic

What do you look for when designing a training program for a high school junior who has just been diagnosed with Graves disease, lost 20 lbs in the past 4 months because of it, his high school coaches are saying that "he has reached his full potential", and this kid has been training 7 days a week ...
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