Online Performance Training



I am excited to announce that I am now offering online training programs. This program will be limited to 10 clients at a time, selected through an application and acceptance process.

What will the coaching entail?

If you are in the Portland area or close enough that you would like to come out for an assessment, we can always arrange a time for this session and go over things in person. If you reside in another state or country then there will be an online assessment process looking at your current physiological state. Throughout this program the individual will receive phone consultation as needed as well as email exchanges to answer any questions and/or stay in close contact as the program is going on to ensure that the they are getting they most out of it.

Additionally, there are six key criteria that must be met to be considered for acceptance into this online program:

1. No injuries – If you are injured, seek medical care.

2. Must be willing to commit to at least 3 months of training – Training is a long-term process and fitness qualities take time to develop, they do not happen overnight. A minimum of a 3-month requirement is mandatory to be part of the online coaching program.

3. Must have access to a gym – A gym will allow you to perform many of the lifting and conditioning sessions. Additionally, if you have access to a field or track we can create programs around those things but you will need to have specific time in the gym as well.

4. Must have a video camera – A flip cam, cell phone, etc. will work. You don’t need anything fancy of high quality.

5. Must be committed to the training process – You will be required to fill out training logs. This is essential to having an excellent training experience. You must be serious, have some sort of goal, and be willing to fill out the necessary information daily so that we can properly adjust training as needed.

6. Must use a HRV system throughout the program – A HRV system is an application that can be used on an iPhone, iTouch, or Android device that will help us further with looking at how you are adapting to the training program and if anything needs to be altered. It is equally essential to the daily log.

Why Is There An Application Process?

Everyone’s application will be read and reviewed. Everyone has an equal chance to be accepted. Online coaching is a different than in person coaching and requires some time and communication between the coach and the client.

How much does the program cost?

The 3 month program costs $300 per month ($900 total) that must be paid either in full or in three increments of $300 at the beginning of each month. If you are interested in making a longer commitment than 3 months, please email me and we can discuss a different rate.

How do I sign up?

To apply, click this link to fill out the application form.