The autonomic and central nervous systems govern biological adaptation to muscular activity. They regulate the transportation of oxygen and substrate to the working muscle, mobilize energy resources, clear the products of oxidation and control conditions for anabolic processes in muscle tissues. Therefore, a thorough evaluation of adaptation processes requires the examination of the following:

Cardiac system
Energy metabolism
Neuromuscular potential
Regulatory mechanisms of hypophyseal adrenal axis
Regulatory mechanisms of the gas exchange, cardiopulmonary, and detoxification systems
Central nervous system
Autonomic nervous system

Monitoring the frequent assessment of these key biological systems will help a coach to select appropriate volumes and intensities of training loads. Assessment information will allow the coach select the most appropriate training session design based on both the athlete’s current functional state and an understanding of how the athlete has adapted to prior training and competition. This new level of knowledge will allow a coach to better manage the training process so that his or her athletes can continually improve and achieve consistently successful results.



Complete Omegawave assessment (Including Jump Test): $199.00
Cardiac, Autonomic, and Central nervous system assessment : $100.00
Complete Omegawave assessment soft tissue assessment: $250.00
Cardiac and Autonomic assessment monthly package (8 tests): $400.00
Cardiac and Autonomic assessment monthly package (23 tests): $575.00


Grade School, Middle School, High School, and Club Cardiac Screening
Team Testing and Consulting
Gym and Private Fitness (Travel to local gyms for client testing and consulting)

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