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Wednesday Morning Ideas – LTAD

In order to allow the athlete to reach his or her full potential your long term athletic development program must be securely grounded in a training philosophy. This philosophy will be the guiding light in development throughout many years. For athletes beginning their athletic career make sure ...
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10 Years of Using the Omegawave My Experiences

I got into training athletes because I was reading about a lot of catastrophic injuries in local high school T&F athletes. These injuries included a broken femur in a Cross-Country runner, a torn hip flexor in 400/800m runner, and three cases of anemia in girls on the Cross Country running team ...
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You Must First Learn To Train One Person

These were the words spoken by Val Nasedkin, during a conference I attended, when asked by another person, wanting to know how to apply the methods he was speaking about to an entire team. This one phrase has stuck with me since 2007 and it really helps to guide what I do with our athletes at Perfor ...
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College Lacrosse Question

Q. Mark, I know you likely get many emails, but I was wondering if you would be willing to share your thoughts on how you might approach pre-season conditioning (7-8 weeks before 1st practice) for a college-level men's lacrosse team. I realize there are many variables to consider (position ...
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