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Omegawave Team Workshop

Since 2003 I have been using the Omegawave monitoring system to determine the daily readiness of the athletes I work with. Over the course of this eleven year period (you can read about my experiences here) I have been fortunate to work with athletes from a multitud ...
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Improving the Vertical Jump of the Youth Basketball Player – Part 1

Part 1General Training of High School Basketball PlayersThe progression of training basketball athletes is always a very organic process, having to work through various sport requirements, practice schedules, and school and AAU competition schedules. Most high school basketball playe ...
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Video Testimonial – Get Ready for Next Season Today

Your training program will be individualized to fit your goals and biological strengths and weaknesses. We utilizes the Omegawave system, a non-invasive computer software program which in as little as two minutes gives us a snapshot into how your biological systems are adapting to stress and how to ...
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Endurance Training and the Young Athlete

Here it is already late September and the xc running season is in full swing. Endurance training has been a lifelong passion of mine, and I have spent a fair amount of time this past summer training on my own - either trail running in Forest Park, bike riding in the Columbia River Gorge, or rolle ...
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The Autonomic Nervous System and The Cost Of Sport Specific Skill Work

My philosophy in training is to improve the athlete's biological power so he or she can display their skill at the highest level without fatigue during both practice and games.  What is the cost of basic skill work on the autonomic nervous system of a high school athlete?Today we were going to find ...
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