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Wednesday Morning Ideas – LTAD

In order to allow the athlete to reach his or her full potential your long term athletic development program must be securely grounded in a training philosophy. This philosophy will be the guiding light in development throughout many years. For athletes beginning their athletic career make sure ...
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Omegawave Team Workshop

Since 2003 I have been using the Omegawave monitoring system to determine the daily readiness of the athletes I work with. Over the course of this eleven year period (you can read about my experiences here) I have been fortunate to work with athletes from a multitud ...
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Improving the Vertical Jump of the Youth Basketball Player – Part 1

Part 1General Training of High School Basketball PlayersThe progression of training basketball athletes is always a very organic process, having to work through various sport requirements, practice schedules, and school and AAU competition schedules. Most high school basketball playe ...
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Video Testimonial – Get Ready for Next Season Today

Your training program will be individualized to fit your goals and biological strengths and weaknesses. We utilizes the Omegawave system, a non-invasive computer software program which in as little as two minutes gives us a snapshot into how your biological systems are adapting to stress and how to ...
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Endurance Training and the Young Athlete

Here it is already late September and the xc running season is in full swing. Endurance training has been a lifelong passion of mine, and I have spent a fair amount of time this past summer training on my own - either trail running in Forest Park, bike riding in the Columbia River Gorge, or rolle ...
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